Established in 1989, ofi (olam food ingredient) is a leading multinational organization that has expertise in the food industry for 3 decades, with its own plantations, factories and operations in 70 countries, 12 innovation centers and partnerships with millions of farmers, ofi is dedicated to develop world-class ingredients and solutions for its customers.

Carefully sourced and hand-picked by experts, every ofi product meets stringent quality, consistency, hygiene and safety standards, giving the freshest, highest quality and best tasting products.

Key selling points

  • Authentic products
  • Sourcing from origin
  • Customized products
  • Supply chain traceability
  • Best in class laboratory
  • Contract reliability
  • Market expertise
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Pesticide Compliance


As a fully integrated cocoa business, OFI is the leading originator of cocoa beans and a globally leading processor of cocoa powder, cocoa masses and cocoa butters. Their ingredients inspire the creation of products that delight the senses with flavour, texture, and colour. OFI cocoa is the widely popular grade of cocoa, which was created with a belief to share the vast knowledge of cocoa with the world. OFI cocoa powders are renowned for their variety and quality, with colours ranging from red to black and brown, across low and high-fat contents, and natural and dutched variations.

Dezaan for Professional

OFI’s newly launched cocoa small pack, is a set of very specific cocoa powder developed, keeping India’s baking industry demand in mind. They believe they are going to deliver the best cocoa powder to the (Hotel-Restaurant and Cafe) HoReCa segment.

Dezaan quito oro is another product which is 100% cocoa mass (no added Sugar) in drops forms which can be positioned as alternative to couverture chocolate (either in Slab forms/chips form/paste forms).This product can also replace 100% Couverture in all dough based application (where sugar fineness is not a criteria).


OFI is an expert in spices and vegetables and their expertise shows in each stage of the supply chain; from seed to shelf. Through their sourcing and processing capabilities, they go through and add value to more than 10,000 tonnes of spices each year. They also customise products for some of the leading food companies of the world and help them create excellent products with appeal, aroma, flavor, taste, quality, integrity, safety and compliance. Their customised blends are available for cuisines across the world for a wide variety of applications. Only the finest ingredients are used to thrill your taste buds.


OFI is a proud producer of quality cashews. They process and supply the best and top-quality nut. They procure their nut from the most trustworthy and experienced network of farmers. Their nuts are acclaimed in the industry for their rich aroma, nutrition and taste that is an absolute delight!