MCI Miritz

MCI Miritz is an industry leader in the production of natural citrus goods. It aids in the addition of characteristic notes to flavours and aromas by utilising technologically advanced substances. Miritz is a solid and dependable, independent partner that consistently develops new concepts to help consumers maximise citrus solutions. Here are a few of our products:


  • Orange oil 1-fold
  • Orange oil 5-fold
  • Orange terpenes
  • Bitter orange oil 1-fold
  • Blood orange oil 1-fold
  • D-Limonene


  • Lemon oil 1-fold
  • Lemon oil 5-fold
  • Lemon terpenes


  • Distilled lime oil
  • Distilled lime oil 5-fold
  • Cold pressed lime oil
  • Cold pressed lime oil 5-fold


  • Mandarin oil yellow
  • Mandarin oil green
  • Mandarin oil red


  • Grapefruit oil White
  • Grapefruit oil White 5-fold
  • Grapefruit oil-Pink
  • Grapefruit oil-Pink 5-fold
  • Grapefruit terpenes


  • Bergamot oil 1-fold
  • Bergamot oil Bergapten free