KH Roberts

With headquarters in Singapore, KH Roberts is a premier creator of quality food flavours and speciality ingredients. Employing original yet differentiated approaches, they push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to help their customers successfully deliver consumer products such as beverages, baked goods, confectioneries, and savouries that stand out on shelves around the world.


Its acclaimed encapsulated flavors by KH Roberts’s proprietary encapsulation technology. Caproma flavors have been tested and proven across various industries from Beverages, Health and Nutrition to Bakery and Snacks. Recognized and acknowledge as one of best-in-class encapsulation, we partner with the customers to help capture the best aromas for them.


  • Extended finished product shelf life and stability, especially in complex product formula with multiple high-impact ingredients
  • Controlled flavour release for optimal sensory impact and expert
  • Effective cost in use and ease of material storage
  • Enhanced finished product quality and value